Custom Design
We are happy to collaborate with you to make your dream into a reality. We will put on paper what you want and then we will continue the process by carving the design from wax. If you choose, we will either send the finished wax product to you or we can take the next step and turn the piece into metal and set stones. The final piece will be ready for you to wear or display. We will work with you until this design becomes what you envision. We are here as consultants to offer you the best choices on your designs to ensure its beauty, uniqueness and insure the life span of the piece.
Wax Creation
Is wax work taking too much time? Look through our wax collection. If you have a custom design, we will take it to the next level and carve it into wax. We can cast the piece or send it back as a wax design. Your designs are your property. We will never duplicate any pieces. We will always ask your permission before showing any pictures of your designs.
Casting Services
Our casting services incorporation many forms. We will cast any waxes that we carry. Send us you wax design or mold and we will cast your designs. We cast in any metal and in any karat or color of gold.
Mold Making
Send us your wax design or piece already done in metal and we can make a mold for you. By having your mold on hand you can increase your production and not have spent time carving the same piece each time you need it.
Finishing has two meanings. It can mean to finish a piece from a casting by polishing, for example. Also, finishing can mean to put texture onto a piece. We can help with any of your finishing needs.
Stone Setting
Allow us to professionally set your stones. We will set any cut or any size stone. We are happy to set the stones into any setting or even using a combination of setting to achieve your design.
We will engrave in any metal and in most metal sizes. Allow us to engrave your rings, id bracelet, charms, etc. If it can be engraved, we will engrave it. You pick the font and we will engrave the piece.
We will repair pieces of jewelry in most metals. We are happy to resize and reset any pieces. We also offer strengthening of prongs to ensure that your precious stones will not fall out. We also do removal or replacement of stones. We will also do our best to find all replacement stones.

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